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Eucharistic Celebration on July 07, Wednesday, 7pm at SDSA Church with Fr. Manny Flores.



"Worship Leaders' Meeting on July 05, Monday, 7pm at BLD Manila Secretariat."



"LSS#46" Thanksgiving Mass on July 09, Friday, 7pm at BLD Manila Secretariat Office with Fr. Manny Flores.



Silent Retreat for Healing Ministers 

on July 10-11, Saturday & Sunday, at the BLD Manila Covenant House.








BUKAS LOOB SA DIYOS Metro Manila Foundation Inc.
 87 Amorsolo St., San Lorenzo Village Makati City

 Telefax: 817-8599
 Email: bldmanila@msn.com

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The Bukas Loob Sa Diyos Covenant Community, normally referred to as simply "BLD", is a communion of families and a community of persons, called together as one people through a moment of encounter and a process of renewal, to a relationship of faith, hope and love with God.


"Bukas Loob Sa Diyos" is a Filipino name; in English, our name is "Open In Spirit To God." Our original name reflects BLD's country of origin, The Philippines. Today, however, members of the Community live throughout the world. A large number of members are to be found in North America, and call Canada and the United States home.

The community is Roman Catholic in its essence, charismatic in its activities and faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. Each BLD District is under the ecclesial authority of the local Archdiocese. This ensures that all activities and teachings of BLD Districts are in accordance with official doctrines and dogmas of the Church.


We are communion of families and a community of persons called together as one people through the moment of encounter and a process of renewal to a relationship of faith, hope, and love with God.

We are reconciled with the Father by our saving faith in Jesus Christ, renewing trust in the Holy Spirit, and by our uniting compassion with one another.

We are blessed with personal gifts --- spiritual and natural, innate or acquired --- which we yield to the Word and the Spirit.

We give freely and fully of ourselves, love and serve one another as we seek and proclaim God's kingdom.

We commit, as disciples of Jesus, to speak the words and do the deeds of Christ among the people to whom we are called by the Lord.


We are the Lord's under-shepherds.  We will be witnesses to the Word that others may hear and understand.  We will be counselors with the Spirit, that others may have healing and wholeness.  We will be defenders in Christ of those who suffer injustice and oppression.


As a communion of encountered families, we are called by the Lord

To build communities of disciples of Jesus Christ who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will renew and strengthen our Christian faithful.

Through programs of Christian Encounters, (Marriage Encounters, Family Encounters, Singles Encounters, Solo Parents Encounters, Youth Encounters) and Life in the Spirit Seminars;

Through programs of Spiritual Growth and Pastoral Care aimed at developing intercessors, teachers, witnesses, and shepherds.

And through programs promoting servant leadership and poverty alleviation in society.

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